Isabel Cuckoo Orpington
The Fancy Chick
Isabel Cuckoo Orpington
We Imported in 2012

Not recognized by APA (considered a project color)
Variety information:
Virtually no leg feathering, could still show up from
time to time as with all imported orps.
 Although most
chicks have pink legs we have seen some slate/blue
legs resulting form the lavender gene.
These are large fluffy birds.
What to expect in breeding:
This variety can be a challenge to breed.  Getting the
color and pattern correct can be difficult although their
beauty is rewarding! Chicks can be a variety of colors
from pale buff (as the lavender gene is a diluting gene)
to lavender with buff overtones. All are equally stunning!
Release Date - 2014
Egg Laying - Fertility - Good - Can be broody
Double Barred Male X Barred Female =  Double Barred Males, Barred Females

Single Barred Male X Barred Female =  25% Double Barred Males, 25% Single Barred
Males,  25% Barred Females, 25% Solid Females

Double Barred Male X Solid Female = Single Barred Males, Barred Females

Single Barred Male X Solid Female = 25% Single Barred Males, 25% Barred Females,
50% Solid

Solid Male X Barred Female =  All Males Will Be Single Barred, All Females Will Be Solid
The Barring Gene:
The barring gene is useful in creating an autosexing breed as well as new colorations - such as
Creles - or other cuckoo colors .  Pullets identifiable at hatch can be produced by breeding a
sold male to your Cuckoo pullets.  All males produced from this cross will be single barred
males (having a white dot on their heads at hatch) and all females will be solid (no white dot on
their heads).
After generations of breeding, the Isabels will begin to fade and loose some of their pastel
overtones.  Every few generations it is advised to breed to a Partridge to introduce new
color.  The cockerel at the bottom left is that cross.  We will be offering chicks from this guy in
2015.  He will produce beautiful color for the next generation of Isabels!.

The lovely pullets to the left are the third generation of our own Isabel Cuckoo Orpingtons.  
On the right is a young Isabel rooster, 1/2 brother to the cockerel on the left.
Pictured above is our original imported Isabel rooster, from  juvenile to adult.
Isabel cuckoo is in the Crele family.  Crele/ legbar being Cuckoo Orpingtons over Partridge, Isabel is Lavender Cuckoo over Partridge.  The
Lavender gene is diluting and will dilute the Crele color to Isabel.  They are quite stunning in their pasted colors!
Click on a video to view:
Isabel Cuckoo Orpington Juvenile pair